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    It started innocently and now it’s our passion.

    Since 2017, we have been looking for new flavors, checking the classics and constantly developing. And we taste a lot. Theory is not enough. We warn you before visiting us - we infect you with passion :)

    In our Salon you will find carefully selected, the best alcohols. The offer is constantly supplemented with the most interesting new products and enriched with unique classics. On special request, a wide range of independent distributors also allows us to reach bottles from the farthest corners of the world. In addition to alcohol, it is worth checking out our offer of cigars, hidden in a professional humidor.


    In AlkoSpot U can find:

    Wyjątkowe butelki

    Oczywiście zawartość jest najważniejsza. Jednak wyjątkowe opakowanie również ma znaczenie.

    Alko Spot